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Water Right Garden Hose
The finest quality polyurethane garden hose ever made. Super slim and wonderfully light. Give yourself a break with this ingenious, super-light polyurethane hose. Lead-free. 25, 50, and 75 ft. hose lengths.

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Price: From $34.99 to $59.99
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Resource Conservation - Leaves enough for everyone. By simply choosing energy-saving light bulbs and low-flow water filters, you can significantly reduce your resource consumption and therefore your individual environmental impact.

Detailed Description

It weighs less than half as much as a conventional hose, yet is built to last with industrial spring guards at each end to eliminate annoying kinks, and extra-long, crush-proof, chrome-plated solid brass fittings to ensure leak-proof connections. Super-flexible in all types of weather. Meets NSF drinking-water standards, too.

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