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Turf Thrive
An Earth-friendly living microbial treatment with Mycorrhizal fungi for the health of your soil. Turf THRIVE restores biological activity and improves the rooting of your grass in the soil. Concentrated.

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Product Principles

Reduced Impact - Reduce your personal demand on nature.  Choosing sustainable and lower impact goods will reduce your personal consumption of natural resources and help you do your part in returning our society to balance with Earth's resource capacity.Natural Materials - Healthy for everyone and easy on the Earth.  Growing organic cotton, hemp, flax, or sustainable lumber without chemical fertilizers or pesticides keeps our soils, air, and water clean and our farmers, workers, and children healthy.

Detailed Description

Directions: Apply when ground temperature has reached 45 degrees.For best results apply in the evening followed by a light watering. Use 3 times per year.128 oz. container makes 73 gallons.

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