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Give it a Rest series utensils with built-in rests Give it a Rest - Solid Bamboo Utensils - With Built-in Rests

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Product Principles

Natural Materials - Healthy for everyone and easy on the 
Earth. Growing organic cotton, hemp, flax, or sustainable lumber without chemical fertilizers or pesticides keeps our soils, air, and water clean and our farmers, workers, and 
children healthy.

Detailed Description

Risotto Spoon: 12"
Round Spoon: 12"
Spatula: 12"
Rounded Spatula: 12"
Slotted Spoon: 12"
Spoon: 12"

The "Give it a Rest" design series cleverly integrates a spoon rest directly into the handle. This conveniently elevates the utensil head, keeping your countertop clean.

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