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8-Note Bamboo Xylophone 8-Note Bamboo Xylophone
Design and notes burn-etched into each bar.

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Handmade & Fair Trade - Respects communities around the world.  Buying certified fair trade goods ensures an honest and open relationship between producers and consumers 

across the globe by giving the dignity of fair wages and safe working conditions to workers and high quality, sustainably produced goods to consumers.Natural Materials - Healthy for everyone and easy on the Earth.  Growing 

organic cotton, hemp, flax, or sustainable lumber without chemical fertilizers or pesticides keeps our soils, air, and water clean and our farmers, workers, and children 


Detailed Description

A sturdy instrument for children or a unique handicraft to be displayed.

By Pekerti, a social development agency in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Pekerti foundation works to supplement the incomes of nearly 1,000 subsistence farmers and rural people through the development and sale of traditional crafts. Additionally, Pekerti provides training, loans, school scholarships, aid for medical expenses, and emergency aid in disasters.

8-note xylophone. Bamboo. 16"x16" at longest; 12" high.

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